Three Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

What do you like most about your living room? What do you use it for? How hard is it when it comes to housekeeping? When you think about these things, you might start to think about decorating, especially now that spring has finally arrived.

While there are many, many tips for decorating your living room, these are three easy-to-implement favorites:

1. Use Color. Many homeowners are afraid of using color for fear of choosing colors that clash or look too bright together. While it’s not an unreasonable concern, you can rest easy by sticking to one or two colors and using neutrals to ground them.

Colors to try: Green is extremely popular this year. Blue is a classic, and it’s hard to go wrong with different shades of blue brought together by neutrals. Pinks are bold and can be used extremely effectively as bright pops of color, and red is always a dramatic standout!

2. Create a Gallery Wall. If you’re looking for an interesting focal point for your living room, a gallery wall might be just what you need. A gallery wall is simply a collection of artwork (usually framed) hung together on one wall.

Quick tips: While you can certainly create a consistent wall, you can also make it more interesting by mixing the types of art, the colors and styles of the frames, and the sizes of the pieces. Also, it’s a good idea to decide the layout of the wall before you start hanging!

3. Mix & Match. Mixing and matching patterns and prints can be incredibly daunting, but there are actually a lot of patterns that will work well together even if you don’t expect them to, and it adds depth, dimension, and interest to a room.

Try this: If you’re unsure about which patterns can go together, use this handy trick: choose patterns and prints that have the same color background. The consistency of the background color will tie the patterns together.