Housekeeping Services Medway MA

Additional Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services Medway MANeed something you can't find from other cleaning companies? Wish you could regularly schedule some deep cleaning jobs like your windows, your walls or your outside grill? The Maids Medway has additional housekeeping services available. We are your one-stop shop for all your cleaning and organizing needs. Here are some of our most popular housekeeping services:

Same Day Event Cleaning: If you are planning a special party, wedding shower, birthday or holiday event, call us for that special cleaning that makes your house shine. Don't fret over whether your guests will find sticky floors and dust on your cabinets. In an emergency, call us.

Move-in/Move-out Cleaning: Moving? Selling your home? Don't add to the hassle of the move by trying to do all the cleaning yourself. Schedule our unique deep cleaning services to make sure you feel comfortable your new house is healthy and clean when you move in.

Whole House Window Cleaning: The Maids Medway knows that if we don't do windows, your house won't really look it's best. Our regular housekeeping services cleans the windows that get the dirtiest. Periodically, schedule our whole house window cleaning so that all rooms look the sunniest.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning and Organizing: Dust from your flour attracts pests. So does a dirty silverware drawer. Our housekeeping services can keep your kitchen healthier and easier to use by taking out everything in your cupboards, cleaning the shelves and re-organizing.

Oven/Grill Cleaning: Dirty ovens and grills can be a health hazard, but cleaning them is a messy job. Let The Maids Medway residential cleaning service do this job for you.

Wall Cleaning Service: Kids and even adults tend to leave fingerprints and dirt on walls. Have our wall cleaning service use our special environmentally-friendly products which are safe for all surfaces clean them until they look like they are newly painted.

Refrigerator Cleaning Service: Spills and moldy food in the refrigerator can make all your food taste bad. Keep your family healthy by having our residential cleaning service take everything out and clean your refrigerator thoroughly until it smells fresh.

Tile Floor Cleaning Service: Ground in dirt can make tile floors unattractive. Our tile floor residential cleaning service scrubs tile and grout with our exclusive cleaning formulas and old-fashioned muscle power. Our customers tell us their tile looks like new.

Wood Floor Cleaning Service: Whether you have a light birch or dark walnut floor, you need to have it carefully cleaned periodically to make sure that dirt and grime don't scratch the surface. Our wood floor residential cleaning service is designed to prevent your floor from being damaged and to keep it healthy by cleaning the natural surface.

Chandelier Cleaning: Dust clings to the prisms of your chandelier, but our cleaning can make them shine again.

Light Fixtures: If your rooms seem dimmer than they used to be, you may need our light fixture residential cleaning service. We remove dust and grime on the fixtures to make them reflect light more clearly and naturally.

Wood Paneling Cleaning Service: In the heat and humidity of the Medway area, you need to be sure to have a periodic cleaning of your wood paneling to keep it healthy. Our specially formulated cleaning supplies clean wood and help it shine.

Mirrored Walls: Mirrors let the light of the room reflect beautifully to enlarge the space, but dirty mirrors just make a room look unclean. Our special residential mirrored wall cleaning service can make them sparkling again.

Garage Cleaning Service: Most of us don't keep our garages as clean as they could be. That means we are wasting valuable storage space. Let our additional housekeeping services help you clean your garage and organize it.

If you have a cleaning or organizing task you need done which isn't on the list, just call us and we will do our best to help you. Since we are a large local company affiliated with a national franchise, we have the resources to make sure you get the housekeeping services you need.