Seemingly Random (But Helpful!) Cleaning Tips

When Apartment Therapy creator Maxwell Ryan went on the set of Good Morning America, he brought with him some great green house cleaning tips and demonstrated some of them for the audience. Some of them you may have heard, and some maybe not, but they all worked as advertised!

  1. Clean you window with black tea. Maxwell displayed this on the show, and everyone agreed that the window looked great. All you need to do is pour black tea into a spray bottle and wash like your normally would. The kicker? Newspaper as a squeegee! The tannin in the tea is strong enough to break down dirt, and the newspaper scrapes it off.

  2. Wash your bathtub with grapefruit and salt. You don't even need a sponge for this technique—just half of a grapefruit and about 3 tablespoons of salt. Sprinkle the salt liberally over the grapefruit half and use just as you would a scrubber. Maxwell explained that the grapefruit is acidic and the salt acts as an abrasive—and it also smells wonderful.

  3. Never wash your expensive jeans again. You know that pair of jeans you only wear out to dinner because they cost you so much? To really keep them in mint condition, you should never wash them—never? There's a trick to this, though: the freezer. If you bag up your expensive jeans and put them in the freezer, it will the germs but not your jeans! If you have a stain or a mark, spot clean to keep your pants fresh.

Have you heard of any of these tips before? Will you try any of them?

Jeans in the freezer—now that's a new one!