The maids are very friendly and attentive to our needs. We have dogs which is not a problem to them; they even play with the dogs! Once here, they make adjustments to their cleaning routine as needed. The Red Team even got my kitchen floor clean to my husband's liking! Hooray!!

Claire L. of Franklin, MA

Always consistent. The Orange Team did a great job even though I usually have the Red Team. I have had 3 people call me as a reference for The Maids and I really enjoy talking to these people to let them know I've been with you for over 20 years.

Janet R. of Medfield, MA

I liked the way everyone has a specific job. When they come in each person does their own thing and it is done very well. They do deep cleaning that is usually overlooked for one reason or another and they are very professional. I was very happy with Karla and her purple team! They did a wonderful job!I would like to say when they came last time my daughter was in the bathroom brushing her daughters teeth before school. Because the bathroom was occupied the lady couldn't get in there to clean right away. Instead of standing around, she jump in helping clean the kitchen until my daughter was done. I thought that showed just what kind of service you provide...absolutely awesome!

Brenda P. of Bellingham, MA

The cleaners work hard and are polite, efficient, effective and thoughtful. They are also kind to my dogs which is important to me!

Catherine B. of Medfield, MA

It is fast and professional. I had had a great deal of company during the holidays and my house was dirtier than usual. The purple team did a great job.

Loretta H. of Framingham, MA

The Maids were the third group I've contacted to clean my home since living in Massachusetts. The prior 2 experiences left me not confident that any group here really cleaned a home. I liked immediately the heightened level of detail, i.e. hand scrubbing floors, moving light furniture to vacuum, detail around faucets/showers. I also liked that a team of 4 comes to the house-that is a lot of manpower...or womanpower!! Easy to pay, easy to contact via office, and I loved Norma, the field manager who first came to my home. She is committed and proud of her work and her teams. That is what I am looking for in my housekeeping services. The 4 person team approach allows each person to focus on a sole aspect of cleaning, instead of 1 person just running around doing a little here and there. The house actually gets cleaned.

Kristi L. of Grafton, MA

I love that my house is always so clean after The Maids come. I also appreciate how careful the team is with everything in my home.

Patti C. of North Attleboro

The Maids came out for “cleaning for a reason” and did all the things I have just been too exhausted to do, and they really did a great job. I am so grateful!!!

Christine G. of Bellingham, MA