Cleaning Tips from Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, many people are thinking about their mothers and the things they've learned. When Real Simple asked their readers to share some of the things their mothers taught them about cleaning, they came back with some great tips, tricks, and ideas.

Do you have any nifty hints for house cleaning from your mom? Check out these four favorites for ideas!

Use a Sock as a Duster. Want to get your kids to help with cleaning? This simple trick works wonders on the dust and on your children! Slip a sock on their hand like a glove and ask them to use it to dust surfaces in the house.

The reader who submitted this remembers doing this as a child and how novel it was—it still takes her back!

Essential Oil for Homemade Cleaners. If vinegar and baking soda are your cleansers of choice but you don’t like the smell, this is a great option for making things a little fresher at home.

A few drops of essential oil in your vinegar and water spray bottle or mixed in the baking soda you use to clean the carpet or mattress can make everything smell much better.

Boiling Water Removes Wine Stains. The reader who submitted this tip remembers her mother’s love for beautiful linens, red wine, and entertaining. Thankfully, she also remembers her mom’s great trick for getting red wine stains out of her favorite white table cloth!

Pouring boiling water over the spot will remove the stain without damaging the fine fabric of the cloth.

Dish Soap to Take Grease Off of Clothing. If you've ever gotten a drop of grease on your clothes, you know what a pain it is. It seems like no matter how you clean it or treat it, the grease refuses to come out.

One mom advised using dish soap for a common sense reason: it’s made to remove grease!