Reliable Maid Services in Medway, MA

Find Quality Maid Services with The Maids

Maid Services Medway MAMany of our customers have never hired maid services before. If you are feeling burdened by cleaning your own home, you may know you need to hire maid services but are wondering how you can find quality maid services that you can trust?  Where can you find assurance of quality, reliability and flexibility? You can find quality Maid services with The Maids Medway because their association with a national franchise makes sure that they have the resources to provide superior cleaning.

Carefully Screened, Bonded, Insured Teams you can Trust

Over 90% of our customers trust us to keep their keys. Why? They know that our employees are very carefully screened and trained. Moreover, you can trust us to keep your property safe because our employees are all documented, bonded and insured. You won't have to worry about injuries on the job or harm to your property. Moreover, our careful system of keeping track of keys, as well as entry and exit security is designed to protect your home. Finally, our team approach adds to your security because team members hold one another accountable.

Team Cleaning Maid Services Provide Superior Cleaning

Research by The Maids has shown that maid services by a systematic team cleaning approach is better.  Our professional, uniformed teams of four are trained in the latest techniques and given state-of-the art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Each member of the team is given one task to concentrate on in your home: dusting, vacuuming, kitchen or bathroom.  By focusing on a particular task, your maid services can makes sure that part of your home is completely clean.  In addition, the team leader will inspect every one of the 22-Step cleaning areas before the team leaves your residence. 

Systematic Cleaning System

Our teams are professionally trained to clean in a systematic way, using old-fashioned elbow grease along with the latest technology and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.  Our Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning system is designed so that our maid services thoroughly and completely clean every surface in your home, from the tile in the bathroom, to the inside of the microwave, to your kitchen floors.  Your cabinets will be wiped down, your furniture polished and under your beds will be vacuumed.  Even your kitchen windows, patio doors and entry way will be washed.  When you sign up for The Maids Medway maid services, a representative will discuss your cleaning needs and make up a plan for your home.  Special periodic cleaning of walls, grills, garages or paneling can be built into your plan. 

Reliability and Flexibility of Maid Services from The Maids Medway

Many of our customers have different needs during different seasons of the year here in Medway.  When you hire maid services from a larger company like The Maids Medway, you don't have to worry about your maid getting sick or needing to change your scheduled cleaning.  If one of our team members is ill, a member from another team may be able to fill in, or else the remaining team members will spend a little longer to make sure your home gets the cleaning it needs.  You don't have to worry about it.  Moreover, if you need to reschedule, or need a special same day service, we have the resources to take care of your special needs.  In addition, we offer many special services on a periodic basis like window cleaning, garage cleaning, or even kitchen cabinet re-organization which can help reduce your stress levels.  When you need a special job done, you will always have someone you know you can call.

Give The Maids Medway a Chance to be Your Quality Maid Services

Whether you are looking for a change in maid services or are wanting to get maid services for the first time, you will find that The Maids Medway will give you exactly what you need.  Reliable, dependable, on-time maid services which give quality cleaning at a fair price.