Storage Ideas to Help De-Congest Your Kitchen

iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyIf you are not careful, your kitchen will soon be packed with appliances and cookware. There is need to ensure that they are stored well to prevent congestion and promote optimal circulation of air. Here are some storage tips that can give your kitchen a whole new look. If you need help with detail cleaning, contact The Maids of Medway in Massachusetts. They can also help with organization if you desire. Regardless, here are some creative ideas to help with the organizational part of your kitchen.

Get a corner drawer: This is a genius idea that you can apply if your kitchen has some awkward corners. Choose one that runs diagonally into the corner so as to get ample storage space for utensils like mugs and glasses. In fact, they are much deeper and more spacious than most conventional drawers.

The under- sink drawer: Designers have come up with special drawers that can be installed under your sink. Here you can store cleaning supplies like detergents, brushes, and spray bottles. Go a step further and purchase a sliding organizer to help you maximally use the space available.

Adda pull out trash can: To keep your kitchen tidy, you need to have dust bins or trash cans. Unfortunately, most of them are very huge and uneconomical when it comes to space. Luckily, you can install a pullout trash can to help hide the unattractive bins. This will definitely free up floor space for other important kitchen accessories.

Deep cabinet organizer: This basically refers to a pullout pantry organizer that comes with unique cabinet door racks. It will help keep everything organized and within easy reach. Go for stainless steel racks as there are less susceptible to rusting.

Rolling cabinet: As the name suggests, this is a cabinet which is fitted with some sturdy wheels to help you roll or move it around in the kitchen. It can serve two purposes, that is. It can be used for store items and as a worktop when preparing meals.

Final thoughts: Do not forget to regularly clean these cabinets to keep away pests that include cockroaches that love to breed and hide in dark compartments, as well as ants, rats, mice, bees, and house flies.