Steps to Remove Large Mold Infestations

4997-101413-gs4997Mold is a part of the natural environment: outdoors, it has its role in nature, to break down dead organic matter, but indoors, the growth of mold should be avoided. Nearly all homes get some type of mold infestations, so the trick is to stop them from growing and spreading, before they get large enough to harm your family and your home. If it becomes a major nuisance, it can discolor your walls and siding, blackens grout lines in your bathroom, and cause severe health problems for your family if not taken care of quickly and efficiently.  

Cleaning Steps

Minor mold can be easily removed with ordinary household cleaning products, but large infestations require more attention, especially for allergy sufferers and those with a weak immune system. For large infestations, wear protective clothing, and get an exhaust fan running in the window, and then:

Seal Off Your Work Area

Cover all ducts in the room using plastic and tape and cover the doorway with a barrier to seal the damaged area from the rest of your house. 

Remove Moldy Carpet

If your carpet has become a place that harbors mold in your home, it needs to be removed and replaced. Cut carpet into manageable sections, roll them up, double-wrap them in plastic, and tape with duct tape for disposal. When rolling, mist the surfaces using a water pump sprayer to keep the spores from spreading. 

Remove Mold Affected Areas

Check baseboards, walls, wall framing, and insulation to reveal moisture damage and any hidden mold, and cut away any contaminated areas. It is important that you remove all effected building materials, as a re-infestation will occur if this is not done correctly. 

Dampen and Bag Moldy Materials

Mist moldy surfaces using a spray to keep spores from spreading and double-bag the mold material in plastic bags (heavy-duty) and seal them. 

Cleanup and Repair

Vacuum moldy debris using a standard vacuum; scrub the surface with a soft brush, water, and bleach to remove mold stains, and dry the area with a commercial dryer or even a hair dryer will work. Seal the area using an oil-based primer or pigmented shellac.

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