Some Simple Tips That Can Help You in Dealing with Bed Bugs in Your Bedroom

1782847-modern-and-luxury-bungalow-hotel-room-in-a-tropical-island-040214-486Many people assume that they do not have bed bugs in their house until they notice some itching while they are in the bed. This small critter can infest your bedding and be very hard to get rid of. If you are dealing with bed bugs in your home, then the tips below can help you get rid of them.


You should start the process with inspection, by looking for bed bugs in all the possible hiding places.


This is one of the best ways to deal with bed bugs. You can use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum mattresses on a regular basis, in an attempt to remove the bed bugs, and prevent them from re-infesting your bedrooms. Make sure to empty the vacuum into a sealable bag to prevent bedbugs from escaping.


Bedbugs usually do not survive in extreme temperatures, so washing your bedding or linens in hot water is recommended. Washing linens for 20 minutes in 120 degree Fahrenheit is enough to kill bedbugs.

If these methods do not work, you should contact a professional exterminator to kill the bedbugs. And once your home is free of them, the professional maid services provided by The Maids of Medway, Massachusetts can help you keep it that way!