Organizing the Cleaning Supplies

Whether you've just begun spring cleaning or you're already done, there's one thing that often gets completely overlooked that can make all of your cleaning much easier. When maid services come to your house, they have all of their cleaning supplies neatly organized to make things faster and easier—you can do the same! 

The trick is to have two ways of organizing: one for things that primarily stay in the same spot and one for things you want to carry with you. Here are some of those ideas:

Hooks & Clips

Using hooks and clips in cleaning closets can free up a lot of space. The more things you can hang on the wall, the fewer things you'll have taking up floor space. Not to mention that things like brooms and mobs have an uncanny habit of falling over in your closet!


Just like hanging things on the wall, getting things onto shelves serves a couple of purposes: not only does it free up some floor space, it also keeps everything in reach and much more organized. Maximize your shelving by keeping things grouped by purpose, and if you have the ability to add a couple of more shelves, it's not a bad idea!

The Cleaning Caddy

When you're ready to clean, it's so much easier if you can just grab the things you need and take them with you throughout the house. That's what a cleaning caddy is for. A small container with a handle is all you need, and supply it with the cleaners and tools you use most frequently. This might include:

  • A spray bottle with a general cleanser (like vinegar and water).

  • Baking soda for odors.

  • Sponge.

  • Microfiber cloth.

Keep it filled and in the cleaning closet, so that all you have to do is grab it and get to work—it will serve you well!