Magazine Holders as Containers

There are always those little things that never seem to have a home sitting around the house. They're not exactly clutter, because you use them, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to neatly store them. A recent post on Joyful Homemaking, though; finds a good solution to a lot of those container problems.

Need to do a little bit of de-cluttering and house cleaning? Magazine holders might be a good option for corralling your things. Here are some of the suggestions:

Hold Books for School. If there is a small collection of books your children keep at home for homework (or if you homeschool), they have a tendency to sit around in tumbling stacks. It seems silly to put them on a bookshelf when you're pulling them out so frequently, but they certainly aren't doing any favors falling off the kids' desk!

Using a magazine holder for these books is the perfect solution. They slide easily in and can hold several books, keeping them upright but on hand.

Keep Plastic Wrap Boxes Neat. Chances are, you have a small collection of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, snack bag, and trash bag boxes in your kitchen. Do you shove them under the sink? Put them in a caddy?

This is a clever idea: use a magazine holder to hold them all neatly together while still being in reach.

Hold Onto Toiletries & Tools. Whether you've got an army of haircare tools, a slew of facial soaps, or a random collection of toiletries, they have a tendency to get out of hand. Awkwardly weighted containers and stiff, unbending cords can make the bathroom a mess.

Use a couple of magazine holders, especially for your larger items. They'll fit right in, cords and all, and keep things much neater.

Repurpose Other Containers. Magazine holders aren't the only containers you can use to hold something different: empty food jars, old tea kettles, tin cans, even creamer bottles can all be reused for organization, so get creative!