Decorating Your Home in Cottage Style

Cottage style is a blend of several different styles, including Vintage, Romantic, and Rustic. The idea is to have a design that comes off beautiful but comfortable, charming but unpretentious. You're looking for a certain level of coziness that says, “Come in, have a seat, let's chat on this fine day.”

The fun of Cottage style is the ability to mix and match. Pull in things from different styles and looks that work together. Think flea market chic or childhood home familiarity.

Here are a few tips for combining those different styles into a cohesive room décor:

Colors: the overall color plan should be set on soft colors. One color in several different shades is a great look, especially when balanced by a uniform neutral. Then, add a few bright pops of color with an accent wall, furniture, or accessories in a bright but complementary color.

Furniture: This is where the vintage is going to make an appearance. Look for second-hand vintage pieces, then recover them with new upholstery or slipcovers to give them a new look with a vintage feel.

Window Treatments: Time to tap into the romance! Use light, airy curtains with soft patterns and colors to provide muted natural light that will create a cozy, spring-time effect.

Accessories: Finally, pull in the rustic flare with some homemade, crafty-looking accessories like hand-woven baskets, crocheted pillows or throws, and pottery-crafted vases.

The result will be a room you'll want to spend time in because it will always feel cozy, fresh, and inviting!