At What Age Should a Child Start Cleaning?

Though every child is different, most can begin to learn how to clean when they are toddlers in order to begin to teach responsibility. A child would benefit from learning different tasks at different ages, which will be discussed as we cover what types of cleanup that a child can perform.

As a toddler, a child can help with easy tasks that have simple instructions. Parents can ask their child to put away their toys when they are done with them. It is best to break down their chores into smaller tasks. Children can get overwhelmed with big tasks. For instance, ask your child to pick up their cars, then move on to another small task. Basically, you need to make the whole learning experience an interactive one, preferably, with demonstrations of what you what them to do. 

When your child is a little older, teach them slightly more complicated tasks like putting away clothes, or even scraping off food and rinsing dishes, and cleaning their rooms. If there are tasks that are bigger to tackle, parents may need to help out a little, or at least, supervise. 

As your child can perform the tasks they learned before well, parents can give more responsibility. Parents give their children a chance to learn valuable skills like organization and accountability. As children learn new responsibility, they will enjoy doing something new, as well as learning a new skill.

The question comes down to, at what age should a child start cleaning? Answer is: When they are toddlers. The parent can then keep on giving more responsibility as the child is ready, or has mastered the previous one. The learning should never end though as children look to parents to set a good example. That unfortunately, means that all the parents out there need to maintain the same level of cleanliness we want out children to uphold.