Steps for Fixing a Shrunken Sweater

Oh no! Did you forget to shut off the drying machine? Is your favorite sweatshirt shrunken up? Have no fear, the following are steps for fixing a shrunken sweater!

1. Warm Water and Conditioner

The first thing you will want to do is soak the sweater in warm water mixed with any hair conditioner laying around your house. The conditioner causes the fibers of the sweater to loosen up, making it less of a hassle to stretch out. If you are having issues getting the conditioner to dissolve into the water, you can simply rub the conditioner into the sweater by hand. After letting the shirt soak in this solution, you may remove it. However, leave the conditioner in the sweater! Rinsing it will not allow it to stretch as easily. Carefully shake out the excess water, but do not wring out the sweater! This will warp it and ruin its shape.

2. Towel

To dry the sweater even more, lay it on an absorbent towel. Use another towel to blot away more of the water out of the sweater. Remember to be gentle with the garment! You do not want the fibers of the sweater to buckle!

3. Stretch

Next, you want to stretch out your sweater... But to what size? Well, you are going to want to stretch it out a little bit larger than its original size. One thing you need to be certain of is that you are stretching the sweater vertically and horizontally. If you fail to do so, you might end up ruined the shape of the sweater, and making it unwearable.


Once you have completed the following steps, leave your sweater out on your towel and let it air dry. Once dry, feel free to wash the sweater to get out the remaining conditioner. Whatever you do, do not put the sweater in the drier! Otherwise it will just shrink again!

You may have thought that fixing a shrunken sweater was impossible, but it is a very easy and quick fix!