5 Types of Cleaning Sponges

All the 5 Types of cleaning sponges bring about a difference when it comes to cleaning chores. The secret with great cleaning sponges is that they will help you do more work within a very short period of time as compared to working with poor cleaning sponges. This article is about making you know the 5 Types of Cleaning Sponges, and where they can be used best.

To start with are cellulose sponges. They are very common, brightly colored and hand sized shapes. They are very cheap yet they provide the best absorbency and last long even through tough tasks. They also trap particles and residues.

The second sponge on the list is abrasive sponges. They are mostly used for outdoor grill purposes and on patio furniture. You can use them on baked-on food, on pans and also pots. They last longer hence being a bit costly.

The third are the compressed cellulose sponges. From the names implication they are like the cellulose sponges the difference being that they are flattened. They have all of the moisture and air removed hence being a flat version. They do hydrate immediately when you place them in water. They are expensive than all the others despite the fact that they don’t need a soap treatment.

The fourth in the list of my 5 types of cleaning sponges are the natural sponges. They are called so because they are collected from the sea floor. Thus makes them expensive and rare to find. Their inability to trap particles and debris makes them last for even more than a year.

The last are the dry sponge: made from rubber, best for cleaning soot on walls. They don’t require water. They can still clean fabric window coverings. Those are the best 5 types of cleaning sponges.