Cleaning The Ceilings

Like any other part of the house ceilings also get dirty and need regular cleaning. Cleaning depends entirely on the ceiling type and the amount of dirt or stains present. Prevention is better, if possible smoke outside and buy soy candles.

There are a few materials you need for your cleaning.
These include cobweb brush, long handheld wet sweeper and long handheld duster. Start by removing the cobwebs using the handheld cobweb brush. Pay close attention to the corners and edges as some cobwebs are found in these places.

There are diverse brands of long hand held dusters in the home improvement stores and supermarkets. Choose the “magnet” duster it tends retain and pick more dust, make sure it can reach your highest ceiling therefore it should be long enough.

A vacuum cleaner can be used in places like fixtures of light and around vents. Fit the vacuum cleaner with extensions fitted with brush tips soft enough to prevent spreading of dust.
Ceilings in the kitchen areas get dirty from smoke and oils evaporating from cooking. Pre-treat a wet sweeper and use it in cleaning of grime and dust. Sponge mob soaked in an all-purpose detergent and rigged to avoid dripping can be used also to substitute wet sweeper.

To minimize spots of water, use towels or rags to dry the ceiling.
A sponge soaked with a solution of mild detergent used in dish washing can be used to clean wallpapered ceilings that are washable. Dry it immediately uses rags or towels. Be cautious when washing textured ceilings, texture can be melted by water.

However there are a few warnings in ceiling cleaning. Cover your floor and furniture to avoid dirtying them. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and wear gloves to protect your hands. Make sure your stepladder is well fixed to avoid slipping on the ground and causing injury, make sure you can easily access the whole ceiling.

Some ceilings have asbestos which is harmful to the body is extra careful when dealing with such. Make sure you have all the materials required before you start cleaning your ceiling for optimal results.