The Uses of Vinegar in the Home

People say that old is gold and that a new broom sweeps clean, but the old one knows all the corners, which is very true. The modern society has gone technological that they have forgotten the beauty of using the old household cleaning solutions. Today, every household wants to use top quality house refreshers, top brand vacuum cleaners, and many other exceptional household cleaning gadgets. What they do not understand is the fact that, their predecessors lived in much cleaner houses without the branded household cleaning solutions. 

One of the most versatile natural household cleaning products is vinegar. Pure distilled vinegar, can used for many home cleaning purposes. For instance, white vinegar can be used for, cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures, removing bad odors from the home, getting rid of carpet stains and spills, cleaning windows and many other minor home cleaning jobs.

To reap the best results when using vinegar for home cleaning, ensure that you buy one hundred percent pure white vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is the most effective form of vinegar when it comes to home cleaning services. To make sure that you have a proper balance of your vinegar, put it two separate spray bottles as some of the house cleaning jobs will require that you dilute the vinegar before cleaning them.

Using vinegar to remove bad odors from the living room

Living in a stinking house is not only unpleasant but also a risky health concern. But sometimes, fighting bad odors can very challenging especially if you are using branded air refreshers as they as fade away so easily. Also, if you are an ardent cigarette smoker, it can be very difficult to expel the disgusting tobacco stench, which is unhealthy if you are living with non-smokers under the same roof. To help fight bad odor, just put an open bottle of vinegar in one corner of the room, also be sure to spray your room with vinegar after smoking cigarette.

Removing bad odor from sinks and garbage points

To fight bad smell from sinks and garbage points, just pour one cup of vinegar in the sink or garbage point and rinse it off after one hour.

Removing bad odor from containers

Fifty percent dilute vinegar can also be used in removing bad odor from container. This is very important especially if you have fish and garlic containers.

Removing bad odor from pets

Dilute pure white vinegar can also be used to remove bad odor from pets such as dogs and cats.