Folding Clothes Properly

Folding clothes properly is an important part of caring for your garments and ensuring that they look their best at all times. There just a few simple principles to follow when it comes to folding your clothes properly. So if your drawers are filled with wrinkled, crumpled clothing and you are forever showing up at work with creases in all the wrong places on your shirt or blouse, you can look forward to an immaculate new you.

The underlying principle of folding clothes properly is to only make folds where you want creases to be. Folding a t shirt in half can leave a giant crease right down the middle of the garment. This can look so unsightly when you come to wear the t shirt. Instead, make your creases along the seams, folding each sleeve in towards the middle of the garment and simply tucking the bottom of the t shirt neatly underneath. When you fold your pants, you have a choice. Either fold each pair of pants along the seams with the pockets outward or fold each pant leg in half so that the crease lies vertically at the front of each leg. A crisp crease down the front of each pant leg looks very smart, especially on business suits.

Underwear is simple to fold. Just fold each item of underwear in half and place it neatly in your underwear drawer. Socks can be folded with one sock inside the other to ensure that matching pairs of socks stay together.

Folding clothes properly is a lot easier when they have been carefully ironed. Make ironing easier by taking your clothes out of the dryer as soon as the drying cycle has ended. Iron your clothing and fold it carefully, following the advice above. Then, lay each folded garment one on top of the other in your drawer, ready to take out. For an extra special touch, lay some scented drawer liners between each folded garment, so that when you take them from the drawer they smell delightfully fresh and sweet.

Following these easy steps for folding clothes properly will ensure that all of your garments can be worn straight from the drawer without having to iron them a second time. Properly folded clothing is also much easier and more space-efficient to store. These ninja-folding tips will also come in useful when it comes to packing a case for everything that you need on a holiday.