Saving Space by Compacting Related Products

When you are working on housekeeping, it can really keep you busy. There are no doubts there. But there are efficient ways to help reduce the amount of time needed…at least on the clutter end of the task. Having better organization is the key to efficient cleaning.

You’ll no longer need to ask where anything goes as you sort through it. You won’t have to ask “What does this go to?” anymore because you will know what category it belongs to and place it in that category’s drawer. Basically, you will know where to place it and save time for more important life needs.

The Lost and Found Drawer

For items that don’t really have a drawer or category and for items that you need to ask someone about, you can place them in a designated lost and found drawer. If anyone cannot find something they are looking for; they can check the drawer to see if the item is there. How convenient is that for both the person looking for something and the person who is cleaning? No stacks of questionable items sitting around anymore or things that you want put away but have no idea what it is or where it goes. It’s just another way to reduce clutter and save time when cleaning.

Seasonal Clothes

Typical closets have limited space. Why have your winter clothes hanging up when it is in the middle of the summer. Get those summer clothes out and make them easy to access and to go through when you want to wear a certain outfit. Take all the fall and winter clothes and place them in stackable totes to save space. You can also purchase plastic storage bags that vacuum seal. Imagine how much more space you could create!


If you have children, you understand their love for puzzles. This usually means that you have a ton of them. The boxes tend to get flattened or torn and they don’t stack very well on shelves in that condition. Also, puzzle pieces could fall out and get lost.

Grab some sandwich bags and a small tote, and then place each puzzle in a bag. Cut the picture out of the box and insert that in with the puzzle pieces. Take each bag and place it in the small tote. You will be more organized and have less space consumption. In addition, it will fit on a shelf really well.