How To Get Organized and Create More Space

If you're like most people, then you could probably use some more space. A house or apartment has a fixed amount available, which will run out if you keep on adding stuff and don't free up space from time to time. Organization is the key to solving this problem, including making decisions on what you should or should not keep around.

The first thing to remember when doing this kind of organizational house cleaning is that not everything is equally important. While everything certainly takes up space, some things are not used as frequently as others. If you would like to get organized to create more space, you can accomplish it with these tips:

  1. Determine how often you use each item and rank them accordingly.
  2. Assign the highest priority to those items that are used the most frequently.
  3. Remove items that have the lowest priority and put them aside.
  4. Repeat until you're satisfied that you've freed up enough space.

Once you're done, only those items that are used the most often will remain and you should have enough free space available that you can use. You can put this into practice quickly with some items almost everyone has in their home.

Books and Media

Pretty much everyone has their own collection of books, movies, software, or console games. All of these things can really add up and take up a lot of space. Even worse is that fact that they also tend to get scattered around. You should therefore remove the ones that are rarely used and leave the ones that people really need. Those that remain should be kept on a shelf or in an appropriate cabinet or case.

The ones that you no longer need can be stored in the basement or attic, assuming you still want them. If you don't, you can get rid of them through a yard sale. Items like books and movies should still have some value and you can sell them to people that are looking for them. The proceeds can then be used for other things you want or need.

If you need a hand in getting—and staying—organized, The Maids Medway can get you the help that you need and the clean house you deserve!