Quick Tips For Your Home Organization

With a few easy organization tips, you can get your home looking great!

Organization is the easiest way to keep your home clean and healthy in between visits from The Maids.

Staying organized will also eliminate clutter and minimize stress. Follow these easy home organization tips to start your way towards a more clean, healthy and productive life.


Junk drawer? No more! Only 20% of all items in your kitchen are used 80% of the time. Fortunately, this means you can get rid of most of the stuff in your kitchen and not even miss it. Clean out the junk drawer now. Throw away any trash and then sort through and organize the remaining pile of junk. If you don’t have a place for it in the house, haven’t used it in a year and didn’t even know it was in there . . . toss it!

Purge your pantry! Look for any expired food that needs to be thrown away. Also, set aside any extra canned goods or nonperishable foods you can donate to a local food pantry. Then reevaluate your method of food storage to ensure that similar items are organized together, either by category or type of meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). You decide!

Living Room

Welcome the wastebasket! The reason why few people have a wastebasket in the living room is because they are not attractive and can smell. It may be an anomaly to place a wastebasket in the living room but it will cut down on the mess and increase organization. Choose a wastebasket that matches the room’s décor and use a lid and deodorizing trash bags if you plan to throw food in there.

Clear surface clutter! Papers, books, magazines, etc. tend to attract flat surfaces throughout the living room - taking up space on the TV stand, coffee table and chairs. Counteract this by placing papers in a file cabinet or cart and books and magazines in a stand to restore order and organization to your family’s central gathering place!


Methodize your medicine cabinet! Change the purpose of your medicine cabinet and start to store items you need and use on a daily basis in there. Toss out expired medication and bring items used regularly to the forefront. An organized medicine cabinet quickly takes the place of a countertop covered in everyday grooming supplies!

Keep your floor dry, not damp! If your towel rack isn’t big enough to hang everyone’s towel then add more hooks to the bathroom for more organization. Towel hooks are an inexpensive and creative addition to provide more space for each family member to hang their towel!


Take advantage of under the bed storage for organization! The bedroom offers great horizontal space for under the bed storage bins. Store clothing items that won’t fit in your closet or other items such as purses, shoes or blankets. Plus, a bedskirt keeps the storage hidden!

Try to make the bed every day! Notice what a difference a done up bed can make. If you spend three minutes every morning making your bed, not only will your room look more organized but it may also motivate you to pick up those clothes on the floor as well!

Once you start to keep your home organized in between visits from The Maids, you and your family can enjoy the healthiest living environment possible. It is our mission to ensure the healthy cleaning of your home. The Maids healthy household cleaning process is guaranteed to make your home cleaner and healthier - from your kitchen to your bedroom.

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