How to Live in a Healthy Environment

Learn how to live in a healthy environment, with some healthy cleaning tips from The Maids!

No other cleaning system is a match to The Maid's 22 Step Healthy Touch, but in between visits from The Maids there are ways to keep your home cleaner and a healthy environment. 

    1. Washing
      Wash your hands, wash your hands, and wash your hands! You can spread unhealthy germs throughout your home if you do not wash your hands regularly. Rubbing your hands together with soap and water multiple times a day can severely minimize your chances of getting yourself, and those in your home, sick! Make the healthy choice and do not let those paws get grimy or you may be the one giving your whole family getting the flu! What good is wealth without your health?
    1. Cleaning
      Clean what you touch! The items and areas in your home that get touched often are the most important things to disinfect. These items include: door knobs, remote controls, light switches, etc. In addition to that, you may not know this but two of the most unhealthy breeding grounds for bacteria that can get you very sick include the phone and the keyboard! You may not have the H1N1 disinfectant like The Maids, but any natural all purpose cleaner should make a healthy improvement.
    1. Hot Water
      Turn that dial to Hot Water! It is important to clean things like towels and bed linens in hot water with plenty of detergent. Since they do not get cleaned daily and contain more germs and bacteria than other items in the laundry basket, they need more attention in order to better protect your health. You don't want to worry about catching a cold when you climb into bed or dry off after a shower!
    1. Disinfect
      Disinfect that bathroom! As often as possible, spray a disinfecting cleaner on all of your bathroom appliances, especially: toilet seats, showers, and faucets. Dirty bathrooms are a haven for bacteria and germs, so make a sincere effort to keep yours healthy by always keeping it clean!
    1. Bathing
      Wash that dog! Pets can bring all sorts of bacteria and other contaminants into your home. After all, some of them even roll around in their own waste (ew!). To keep both your pet healthy, and your family healthy and less likely to attract a cold, virus, or allergies, it's very important to give your pet a bath. They may hate it, and it might not be easy, but it will be worth it for the health of everyone!

Keeping your home healthy and clean does require more attention, but it is better than going through twenty boxes of tissues or sleeping on your bathroom floor!

Do you get seasonal allergies? Does the common cold somehow find its way into your system every year? Are you fearful of getting the H1N1 virus? To lower your chances of dealing with any of these ailments, a thorough cleaning of your home is essential to making it a happier, healthy environment.

Does that sounds like an impossible task? Let a professional service like The Maids do it for you. They have a 22 Step Healthy Touch system that ensures the level of cleanliness each home receives. The Maids specialize in not only cleaning for aesthetic appeal, but cleaning for health, making it less likely for their clients to get colds, flus, or allergies.

They use a HEPA filtration system that purifies indoor air by capturing 99 percent of all dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, and other air pollutants. The HEPA will purify your air providing you with a healthy home that feels like the fresh outdoors (minus the pollen!). They also use a disinfectant in bathrooms and commonly touched surfaces, like light switches and doorknobs, that kills the H1N1 virus. They cannot guarantee that your home will be H1N1- free, but the disinfectant can severely lower the chance of the virus spreading through your house! To further ensure a healthy home, and to remain eco-friendly, The Maids use only environmentally safe cleaning products that promote a healthy environment. These products do not contain toxins that can be harmful and unhealthy for you and your family.