Organization: Room for Improvements

Clutter is something that drains your energy, especially if it is out of hand. In many cases, it is not out of hand because of your housekeeping efforts, but does have room for improvement. It can be difficult to find something and you scurry around looking for it when you need it and know you have it. Moreover, depending on where the items get placed because they don’t truly have a home; they can also get damaged. Here are some common household items that wind up on the top of the list.


Mail tends to pile up in many households, mainly because there is no time to look, no time to decide what to keep, no time to handle the bill, or even no time to decide if you want to accept an offer being marketed. You tend to think with the word “maybe” so that mail sits around and is forgotten about or kept until you decide what you want to do with it. For mail organization, consider purchasing a mail shelf that hangs on the wall and you can use one slot for bills, one slot for promos or maybes, and one slot for other people. These shelves that you may or may not have seen or heard about have angled, vertical shelves that mail can slide into. Many even have key hooks at the bottom, which is perfect for all your household keys so you don’t have to go hunting when you need to leave at times.


Big tools like drills, jigsaws, floor scrubbers, pruners, rakes, etc. can end up sitting just about anywhere. For homes that have garages, you can store most big tools by the entry door. Self-standing racks are excellent tool holders that sit in your garage and have many holes for tools, as well as slots on the edges where tools slide in. Another option is wall-mount tool holders. You can find these at any hardware store. For drills, circular saws, etc.; you can use shelves on the garage wall. For homes without a garage, consider an outdoor storage closet or cabinet. Otherwise, your drill may end up on the kitchen floor and the rakes and pruners may end up taking up space in the vestibule or entryway.