Accenting Your Home With Green

At the beginning of 2013, design experts weighed in on what they thought would be the trending color this season, and more of them settled on a shade of green than any other color. Not only is it likely to be popular, it's also a fantastic color for spring. If you want to try using green accents, here are three ways to do it:

Furniture, especially smaller pieces. This includes end tables like the one pictured, bedside tables, benches, and chairs. Add a few of these through the house in the same shade to tie the rooms together, or use different shades to make it feel a little more eclectic. 

Dishes & Vases both come in different shades of green, and with it being such a popular color, you can expect to see these all over the place. When it comes to vases, you can elevate the green by filling the vase with white flowers. Feeling like spring? Try lilies in the vase for a seasonal, elegant appeal.

Light Fixtures are a great place to add a little pop of color. Lampshades or lamp bases look great in any shade of green, after all. You can also find green light covers and even hanging lights with shades and accents of green worked in.

Fabrics from rugs to curtains to blankets, there is going to be a lot of green running through design purchases this year, so if you like the color, now is the time!

If you like green and you want to bring some freshness into your home, these are some ideas that ill help get you started!