Winter Cleaning: Your Winter Cleaning Checklist

Winter is coming quick and that means winter cleaning is almost here as well! This is the time of year when many people spend the most time in their homes; it’s colder, and you're enjoying indoor gatherings with family and friends. While winter cleaning becomes a thought mostly due to colder weather or holiday specifics, there are a few extras to take into consideration while you're stuck at home on a “snow day”.

During winter cleaning, change your floor mat to a sturdy one.Winter cleaning doesn’t only consist of clearing snow once it comes; there are plenty of things around the house you need to consider when it comes time for winter cleaning.

While winter cleaning, consider the different linens and rug options for winter. Changing the area rugs around you house to sturdier, water resistant options may help keep mud- and water-covered shoes from tracking debris onto your furniture and carpeting and make your winter cleaning last much longer than expected. A good winter cleaning also calls for changing of your bed linens. Using a thicker blanket will prevent temptations of cranking up your heat, and adding to your monthly heating bill.

The following article from offers a winter cleaning checklist to follow in order to prepare your home for the winter weather.

Winter Cleaning Checklist

Prepare your home for winter.

Some household jobs only require attention once or twice a year. Winter cleaning, though not as common as spring cleaning, is necessary to keep a home running smoothly through the long, indoor months. Spread these jobs out over a couple of weekends to complete them all before the season is through.


A furnace works hard through the winter months, so don't make it work harder than it needs to. A clean furnace runs more efficiently, saving money on heating bills, and it lasts longer as well. Replace the furnace filter monthly throughout the cold season, and vacuum the heat registers and vents every time the floor is vacuumed.


If the chimney is used at all during the winter, hire a chimney sweet to clean and inspect it at the beginning of the season. A chimney sweep checks for creosote, a buildup of dirt and chemicals, which are a dangerous fire hazard.


Winter is an excellent time to go through the pantry and discard any food that is well over its expiration date or that family members probably won't eat. Old food is an invitation for critters looking for a warmer place to live during cold months. Pull all food out of the pantry, toss out old food, wipe the pantry surfaces with a clean, wet cloth and replace the food after the shelves are dry.


At the beginning of the winter, remove all sheets, mattress pads, and dust ruffles from beds, and wash them in hot water to inhibit dust mites. Vacuum all mattresses on both sides, and remove the top mattresses to vacuum the box springs as well. Cleaning mattresses especially helps those with allergies.


During the winter months, the computer is used more often. Clean your computer very well at least once a year by vacuuming all vents, wiping all exterior surfaces with rubbing alcohol, and spraying a can of compressed air into keyboard slots and vents in the monitor and central processing unit.

On top of winter cleaning, a good way to bring in the new season would be to move winter- and holiday-themed books and magazines where they're more visible; this is an easy way to add to the winter decorations around your home and make your winter cleaning that much more successful. 

Another way to bring in the feeling of winter is to change any air fresheners and potpourri to classic winter scents. Though these winter cleaning tips may not involve much winter cleaning, bringing these extras out will help make your home feel clean; it’s one of the easiest ways to help set up a cozy winter mood to your home!