Why Should I Hire a Maid Service?

Hiring a professional maid cleaning service may or may not be for you.

Many of the requests for estimates I received this week were very specific - some callers required their products be used, a few required that we use their vacuum, and one or two even stated the exact process to be followed.

I couldn't help but question why they'd want to hire a professional cleaning service instead of contracting an individual to work at their direction. They may have been putting process ahead of the results desired.

Our regular housekeeping customers choose a maid service for a few simple reasons:

    1. No time to clean
    1. Not able to clean
    1. Don't like cleaning

They generally don't want to be involved in the how of cleaning - they are focused on the end product:
A clean home at an acceptable price.

We recognize the need to customize around the specific objects in each customer's home as well as to use manufacturer required products. There are sound reasons why many professional cleaning services do not customize too far. There are many issues to consider:

    1. Is the newly required product safe for the home? Anything with a chlorine or peroxide base has the potential to cause permanent damage. Putting these products in the hands of someone untrained in that specific product can magnify the risk of accidentally staining a valuable item.
    1. Is the required product safe for the individual? Our service focuses on green products - non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly for two reasons. First, it makes sense for our planet. Secondly, our work force needs to feel comfortable that they can use the cleaning products continually without developing sensitivities or health issues through prolonged exposure. OSHA and workman's compensation risks are high in the mind of business owners in our industry. We are generally hired to protect the consumer - some of this protection is lost when the consumer dictates what is to be used.
    1. Is the required vacuum ergonomic? The #1 workman's compensation claim in our industry is for slips, trips, and falls. Changing the equipment only exacerbates the risk when the employee switches from a known piece of equipment to the customer's on site machine.
    1. Is the vacuum safe? We conduct periodic maintenance on our machines. This includes replacing the carbons, cleaning the filters, replacing the micro filters, and inspecting the electrical system for frayed cords and exposed wires. These are steps that I've never taken with my personal vacuum cleaner; I suspect that many people have not either.
    1. Does the process make sense? In our business we've undertaken many time and motion studies to identify how to thoroughly and efficiently clean without causing damage. Our certification system is created to support what we've learned from those studies. We find that most damage and quality complaints occur when we get outside of our cleaning system.

Back to the main question - why hire a professional maid service? Generally speaking, one should be focused on the end product of returning to a clean home in which they can relax - regardless how it was accomplished!