Tips for Updating Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

gskm-042114-dsc 8969-856Tired of your kitchen and looking to make a few changes that will make a big difference in the appearance and atmosphere, but not break the bank? A simple and relatively inexpensive solution is to replace the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets. It sounds like a small thing, but it can really make a major difference. Here are a few tips on getting the most bang for your buck.

Go With Quality

The average kitchen will go 10 or more years without being updated. Cabinet handles and knobs will get a lot of use over 10 years, so this is an area where you want to spend a bit more to get quality construction. Paying $8 for a quality handle instead of $4 for a cheap piece that will likely break is a good investment.

Faucet Love

Not sure what style you should use with the replacement knobs and handles? Here's a secret strategy professional renovators use: pick replacements that match the style of the kitchen sink faucet. It will create a consistent look across the kitchen that will be appealing in its uniformity and subtlety.


If you prefer a bit of variety in your kitchen hardware, consider mixing styles or finishes, or horizontal versus vertical hardware. For example, put one color and style of knob on vertical cabinet doors while choosing a different style and color for knobs and handles for your drawers. When done correctly, it can add a bit of personality to an otherwise boring and austere kitchen.


Here's a practical tip: Don't shop for replacement handles and knobs until you do one thing first – determine the measurements of the holes already drilled in your cabinets and drawers. Unless you want to spend a fortunate replacing the current cabinets and drawers, you are going to need to restrict your shopping to a selection of hardware that matches the distances between attachment holes used for your old handles and knobs. If a handle is attached to a cabinet at the top and bottom of the handle with three quarters of an inch between each point, your replacement handle should have the same measurements.

Details, Details

You might be under the impression you need to spend a small fortune to update your kitchen. The truth is you can do a lot just by upgrading the fixtures. Handles and knobs are an inexpensive but effective place to start.

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