Sofa Cleaning Tips

The sofa in your home most likely receives heavy traffic from your family and your guests. However, most people never clean their sofa. This may be partly due to the difficulty associated with sofa cleaning. If you are one of those people that never cleans your sofa but would like to learn how, these sofa cleaning tips are for you. Sofa cleaning does not have to be a strenuous task. Rather than trashing an old, worn couch, consider conducting your own restorative sofa cleaning.

The following guide from Cleanmind explains the best sofa cleaning techniques and helps the consumer understand the importance of the sofa cleaning codes listed on the couch’s tag.

DIY Sofa Cleaning Tips

Just try to imagine your home without that old and worn out , but still most favourite sofa of yours? I bet that you can't. It has become an inseparable part of your home interior. You have spent so many happy moments on this sofa that now every time you sit down, you quite vividly remember them, as if it was just yesterday. Besides, your sofa is still in good condition, but only needs a proper deep clean. You might be pleasantly surprised at how astonishing it may look. You can decide to clean your sofa by yourself or hire a professional sofa cleaning London company to help you. 

If you want your favorite sofa back, then these sofa cleaning tips will definitely help you. Besides, you can freshen up your sofa, just following several easy to implement home cleaning methods. These tips will help you to remove dirt, dust, and stubborn stains. However, have in mind that you have to be extremely careful, when cleaning your sofa without professional help. If you think that it is beyond your knowledge and abilities to perform this task, you should hire a professional sofa cleaning London company.

The Importance of Cleaning Codes

Before even thinking about any kind of sofa cleaning, it is better to first check the cleaning code of your sofa. Most of the time manufacturers put tags with cleaning codes and sofa cleaning instructions under the sofa's frame. Identifying the code is important, so you can determine what cleaner to use. There are four codes:

  • “W” stands for water - based cleaners. Usage of such cleaners is considered as safe.
  • “S” stands for water - FREE solvent cleaners.
  • “WS” stands for water - based and water - free solvent cleaners are safe to be used.
  • “X” means that no cleaners should be used for sofa cleaning.

When you have determined what type of sofa cleaning agent you need, you can rent or buy a steam cleaner that works both for carpets and sofas. Hardware and home improvement stores are the best places to look for one. Vacuum your sofa thoroughly before steam sofa cleaning. Thus you will remove any loose particles and dust, easing the process greatly. Allow three to four hours for your sofa to dry. You can speed up the process by opening the windows in the room.

You can also try to regularly clean your sofa. Not allowing for dust and dirt to accumulate will protect your sofa and extend its lifespan. It will save you both money and time shopping for a new sofa. But if you do not feel capable enough, remember that there are many sofa cleaning companies in London. Why risk ruining your sofa beyond repair?

Now that you understand the language on sofa cleaning codes, you can successfully clean your couch without fear of damaging the fabric. Remember to vacuum before utilizing cleaners during your sofa cleaning to prevent the trapping of dirt.

If you still feel unsure about performing a sofa cleaning without the help of professionals, consider contact your local Maids franchise. We possess all of the cleaning know-how to make your home look like new.