Six Steps to an Organized Garage

Don't waste the space in your garage - organize the clutter!

Is your garage the dumping ground for everything you don’t want in your house? That is how most people utilize the space in their garage; they fill it with anything and everything. Your garage has so much more potential than that, so don’t waste perfectly good space! You can make your garage more than a place to just park your car. Make the garage an extension of your home by taking control of the clutter and reinventing the meaning of your garage.

You could turn your garage into an exercise space, for example. Remove that big, bulky workout equipment from your home to create space for something else in your home, such as an extra bed room. The garage could be the perfect spot for the home office you've always wanted, but never had space for. In your garage, you can escape the distractions of your home and completely immerse yourself in your work. Or maybe you have children who need a place to hang out with their friends? You can make that "hang out" place your garage, but only if you clean up the clutter that's stopping you from even considering a garage makeover. This is a great article from that can walk you through the steps of organizing and transforming your garage.

Your garage’s main objective is to protect and stash your vehicle or vehicles. That just can’t happen if your garage has turned out to be a glorified storage area, filled with boxes and games and gadgets and bicycles and skateboards and scooters and strollers and anything else that makes it hard to find a path through the room in the beginning. Here are 6 easy tips to help you take command of your garage again.

1. Take out every thing from the garage and organize.

Categorize all your belongings in the garage by grouping them with like items. To illustrate, kids’ toys amongst kids’ toys, carpentry tools with carpentry accessories, sports gear by sports gear, seasonal decorations with seasonal decorations, etc. Choose everything that is not working, outdated or no longer needed and sell it, contribute it, or scrap it.

2. Have the proper organizational implements.

Once you have sorted every thing, confirm what tools can help you order these items. As an example, do you wish to purchase any storage bins, rack devices, cabinet structures, tool chests, peg boards, hanging ceiling systems, hanging bicycle racks, and so on.

3. Cleanse.

After your garage is empty it is highly recommended to go to the trouble to sweep or mop out all the loose junk, clean up cobwebs and layers of dust bunnies. You may take joy in your garage better if it is a really clean garage so be sure to sweep and dust routinely to maintain it.

4. Décor.

Talking about décor does not mean I am proposing you go out there and convert your garage into a pseudo-living room, but consider if a new coat of paint on the walls makes matters look better and clearer and cheerier? How about the floor? Many folks like to paint and seal the floor of the garage to safeguard it from spills and make clean up relatively easy. Altering the wall or floor surfaces could have a considerable impact on the look and feel of the garage. If this is something you wish to try and do, now is the perfect time.

5. Classify.

After your garage is dirt free (floor and walls) it’s time to place anything back. It is best to position the gadgets that will be used on a frequent basis within easy reach. Arrange items less commonly used even further back in the garage or higher up on shelving systems or inside cabinets. Label the outside of tubs, drawers and cabinets to avoid the inconvenience of opening all of them again and again to acquire a specific thing you may be searching for. Placing labels on shelves or even peg boards will help prompt you where things should be put away also.

6. Finally, make rules and apply them.

Rules including, “Make Sure You replace gadgets you required to the place you found them,” need to be precisely abided by to help maintain the organization of your garage.

These actions will help you accomplish a tidy and properly organized garage in no time spent what-so-ever and just realize the numerous gains of having the ability to not just park your car within garage to ensure that it stays safeguarded from the elements, but having the ability to recognize exactly what you have and find it when you require it. All the best!

Another way to remove the clutter in your garage is to have a garage sale. A garage sale is great because it enables you to purge your garage of any items you don’t want or need anymore, and you may also make a buck! To host an effective garage sale, take all of the items you are placing in the garage sale and put them in a separate area from the items you are keeping. Go through and price items from your garage reasonably; you may need to disassociate yourself from the items so you don't hold on to unnecessary things that you really don't need.

When you set a date for your garage sale, make sure to check the weather forecast in advance. Advertise and spread the word about your garage sale! Make flyers and tell all of your neighbors so that your garage sale has a big turnout. Set up items in an organized manner at your garage sale; don’t make shoppers hunt around for a matching set of plates. Once your garage sale is over, do not bring the left over items back into your garage. Consider donating your unwanted items to a local charity. If you follow the above steps for garage organization, you will have a clean garage that has purpose once again - other than being just a home for your cars.