Removing Those Stubborn Coffee and Tea Stains

We all enjoy taking our beverages, especially coffee and tea. We stop enjoying the beverages when it comes to cleaning the cups, though; since it can be a bit of a mess. Even when you want to show off your house cleaning, there’s always a coffee or tea cup with some stubborn stains that you have been unable to remove. Below are a couple of reasons why your cups may still have stains:

  • You only pile the cups with the other dishes. If you pile the cups with other dishes and just clean them like the rest, the stains are more likely to stick. Soak them in water if you don’t wash them immediately.
  • Regular use without cleaning. At times we use our cups and refill them several times without even taking the time to clean them. This will result in stains on the cup.
  • Microwave use. When you use the cup in the microwave, it’s possible that they might develop more lasting stains.
  • Taking too long to clean the cups. You should clean the cups as soon as you finish taking your coffee. This will help prevent the stains from getting set in.

Home Methods Of Removing Stains

Baking Soda. This method involves the use of an abrasive that is used to scrub the cup to remove the stains completely. With this method you see the results instantly.

Vinegar and Salt. Vinegar and salt can be used together to produce wonderful results. Rub vinegar and some salt on the stain that you want to remove and then scrub completely. The stain will go away.

Magic Eraser. Magic Eraser is used to remove grime and other types of dirt. You can also use it to clean your coffee and tea stains. This is the best method for people who do not want to have a mess of product. The stain will be removed without a lot of hassle.

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