Prevent Break-Ins with A Few Simple Tips

gskm-042114-091 thief crowbar-285Many Americans have lost items and personal valuables to burglary. However there are some easyways to make break-ins preventable at your home. To start, a simple step such as locking your doorswhenever you leave will help stave off would-be burglars. Below are some other tips for keeping your home secure:

Lock Your Doors

It should go without saying but locking the door is a must whenever you leave your home, and also while you are home if family members aren’t outside. By locking the doors, you are likely to deter anyone who was waiting for an easy way in.

Invest in a Strong Front Door

Research shows that 34% of break-ins occur through the front door, which is a good enough reason to want to invest in a strong door and a pick-resistant lock. An added trick is to always have your outdoor entry light on to illuminate your house when night sets in.

Keep Valuables Out of Plain Sight

Avoid leaving any bait for thieves. Window shades or blinds should be closed at night and whenever you leave home to avoid people viewing what is in your home. If at all possible, avoid keeping blinds open, as potential assailants may be casing your home during the day and even while you are home.

Know Your Neighbors

One of the best safety steps you can ever take is to take your time to know the people who livre around you. Research shows that neighborhoods that are closely knit experience fewer break-ins compared to those that are not. The reason is simple: strangers will automatically stick out. Also, neighbors are more apt to watch over on the security of other people.

It is important to always try your best to keep your home and your family safe. And while you are busy taking care of these, let The Maids of Medway, in Massachusetts, worry about all your house cleaning needs!