How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

Your refrigerator is one of the most important places that you need to keep clean. The refrigerator is home to all the food and

Keep your refrigerator clean and safe with an Eco-friendly approach!

beverages that you and your family eat and drink. You don’t want your refrigerator to be home to bacteria and mold, or any other harmful things that could jeopardize you and your family’s health and safety. If you actively clean your refrigerator on a daily basis, by keeping an eye out for expired foods, spills, and odors, you will prevent lingering odors and germs that may have potentially harmful effects.

Having an Eco-friendly refrigerator does not necessarily mean that you have to buy organic foods. It may mean that you should keep a watchful eye on the condition of the refrigerator that stores these foods. Committing to daily and weekly cleaning of your refrigerator is very important, but you should also give your refrigerator a more intense cleaning every three to six months, unless your refrigerator really needs heavy duty cleaning beforehand. Use Eco-friendly products to clean your refrigerator, keep your refrigerator clean, and protect your family and your environment. This article by Amanda N. offers readers some simple Eco Friendly Ways to Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean.

Many think going green is to sacrifice and go frugal. It’s a wrong concept. In many cases, going green is just about making the best use of what you have and doing good habits day in and day out. This article will tell you how you can clean your refrigerator in an eco friendly way, without committing to some hard-to-follow steps.

A refrigerator is where you store food, drinks, snacks, and everything that is edible. How could you not keep it clean, for your family’s sake? There are many ways to clean a refrigerator, but the best are still those that are eco friendly.

Categorize Storage

A refrigerator stores all kinds of food from raw meat to leftover. The mixed odor of the fresh and rotten, and the raw and cooked in an enclosed air-conditioned closet can be intolerable. If you don’t sort them in a systematic manner, they would soon become a mess. So, compartments and dividers are created for that sorting purpose, and you should make good use of them. Sort your food and store liquid items in containers with a lid before you put them inside the refrigerator.

Don’t Overstock

Maximizing the capacity of your refrigerator by storing as much food as possible is not only unhealthy, but also not eco friendly. When you overstock the refrigerator, it has to produce more energy to keep the food at the right temperature. Besides, fresh food, such as vegetable and meat, and other perishable food rot soon if you don’t eat them timely. The refrigerator stinks as a result. It’s better to do estimation before you shop for groceries.

Use Green Cleaning Solutions

Substituting chemical cleaners for green cleaning solutions is the most direct way to do eco friendly cleaning. The good news is you have an array of green cleaning solutions to choose from. Baking soda, lemon juice, and white vinegar are just a few of the green ingredients that allow you to be clean while being eco friendly.

Clean Your Refrigerator Regularly

Having your refrigerator cleaned regularly is a good way to help you remove the residing smell, if any, in the refrigerator. Other than regular cleaning, some models may even need defrosting when the ice gets too thick. Both cleaning and defrosting can get your refrigerator on track.

Daily Cleaning Habits

Just because you clean your refrigerator regularly doesn’t mean you don’t have to tend to it on a daily basis. Clean any dirt and stain immediately when you spot them. That way, you eliminate the potential of forming any lingering smell in the refrigerator.

There are a wide range of ways to clean the refrigerator the eco friendly way. While the refrigerator is only a small turf in your family, if more and more families are willing to take extra steps to reduce their carbon footprint, you will soon see a more eco friendly world. Think big, act small.

Be sure to clean out and throw away any outdated, moldy, or spoiled foods in your refrigerator. Cover containers if they do not have any lids to prevent odors in your refrigerator. You may find it helpful to label jars and containers with their expiration date; this way you and your family will know when it is time to clean out the bad food from your refrigerator. Organizing your containers in a sensible way, with like items together, creates easy access and less confusion. When cleaning, don’t forget any removable parts such as wire racks or drawers, the refrigerator shelves, and the food containers or jars themselves that you place back in the refrigerator. Making a conscious effort to clean your refrigerator in an Eco-friendly way will keep you and your family healthier and safer when it comes to the consumption of foods and beverages.