How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean Between Maid Visits

Does your kitchen suffer in between maid visits? There’s a way you can keep your kitchen cleaner, longer, without spending loads of time cleaning the kitchen every day. Your maids will be able to provide you with a thorough, deep kitchen cleaning with each visit, but you may not have them scheduled to clean the kitchen every day (actually, you most likely don’t).
Keeping the kitchen clean doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are a lot of kitchen cleaning tips that you can follow to ensure you have a safe, healthy environment for your family year round.
The following article from shares helpful kitchen cleaning tips so you can keep the kitchen cleaner between maid visits.  

Keep the Kitchen Clean Longer

The only thing better than finishing kitchen-cleanup duty? Not having to do it again for a while. These techniques will make your efforts last longer.


Set jars of liquid or jelly on coasters, or line shelves with nonadhesive cork liner. When drips occur, just replace the coasters or the lining.


To repel stains on countertops, twice a year apply grout sealer (available at hardware stores) to tile, and stone sealer (also at hardware stores) to stone countertops. Follow the package instructions.
Instead of using wood cutting boards, switch to plastic. Since wood shouldn’t be sanitized in the dishwasher (wood can warp when wet), it can harbor bacteria, which gets on knives and can invade your food-prep area. Pop plastic boards into the dishwasher after every use to kill germs.
To make cleanup faster when you cook, cover countertops with sheets of wax paper, parchment paper, or butcher paper before preparing food. Juices from meats, chicken, and fish never hit the counters, so there’s no need to disinfect. When finished, crumple up the paper and toss. 

Freezer and Refrigerator

Place a box of baking soda in the freezer and another in the refrigerator to absorb and neutralize smells; replace them every three months. Alternatives: a mound of charcoal; coffee beans in a bowl; or a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract and kept in the refrigerator until dry.
Every month or so, dump ice cubes from the trays and make a new batch. Stale ice traps odors, like those from frozen fish or meat. 


Grind the skins of oranges, lemons, and limes in the garbage disposal with a handful of ice cubes. The rock-hard texture of the ice cubes sharpens the blades; the citrus scent of the grated peels clears the air. Or make ice cubes of vinegar instead of water. The vinegar will deodorize the disposal.


Reduce grease splatters on the stovetop and the hood by putting a mesh splatter screen over pans when cooking.
Following these simple and effective kitchen cleaning tips should help you keep the kitchen safe and clean for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for some more tips on how to keep the kitchen clean, read this post from that offers valuable advice on how to clean the kitchen in just 20 minutes a day.
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