How to Keep Your Home Fresh During Winter

Keep your home fresh in the winter with these seasonal cleaning tips.

Winter is almost here, and getting your house ready for the holidays can be a lot of work. But beyond cleaning and de-cluttering, there is something else that most people forget: the quality of the air in your home. A great smelling home is much more welcoming and easy to live in then one whose air is stale and musty. Making sure the air in your house is fresh and free of allergens like dust and mildew will make your family (and your visitors) much happier and healthier! Here is some great tips from about how to keep your home smelling fresh thoughout the winter.

Winter time means long days and nights of tightly closed windows and doors. It can mean drapes are pulled shut to keep out the cold and dry air inside from constant fires and furnaces. Being stuck in the dead of winter does not mean that you must suffer with stale stagnant air. Follow these tips to keep your home fresh during the winter.

    1. MOISTURIZE - One of the most uncomfortable feelings, for me, during winter is the harsh dry electrified air. With heaters or a fire going at all times to keep warm, moisture is literally sucked from the air. Getting a small decorative water fountain for your home will not only be soothing, but will restore moisture to the air. Another simple remedy for parched air is to leave the water in your bathtub overnight after your evening soak.
    1. CLEANSE THE AIR - A fantastic way to keep your home fresh during winter is to get an air purifier. This will combat some of dust that has been accumulating, as well as circulate the air. If your winters are mild, or you are experiencing a rare warm front, even opening your windows for a five or ten minutes will help ease your dust burden.
    1. COMMERCIAL FRESHENERS - There are numerous products out there that can be sprayed around your house in the air and on your upholstery that will help you keep your house fresh. Febreze and Oust are two common and popular brands. Give them a whiff the next time you are at the grocery store and see if they will work for you.
    1. HOMEMADE FRESHNESS - There are numerous methods to creating a fresh feeling in your house and one of my favorites is to bake! Baking bread can bring a welcoming familiar freshness to your house. If you don't feel like baking, try simmering some apple cider and cinnamon sticks on your stove, or keep them in a crock pot on low all day. Not only will that bring a lovely scent into your home, it can help add moisture as well.
    1. TACKLE THE MESS - Short days and long nights can seem to zap the energy out of you, specifically your energy and motivation to clean. Try to fight this urge to zone out and clean your home. Even simply tackling one room a day will help keep dust and stale air from sticking around.
    1. FRESHEN YOUR CARPETS - Winter weather can mean all sorts of dirt and debris gets tracked into your house. Next time you vacuum sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet 10 minutes or so before you start. This will help absorb any yucky odors from pets or people that may be lingering.
    1. HOUSE PLANTS - House plants are not only attractive, but they give off oxygen for us to breathe! Imagine - your own personal source of breathable air! What better to keep your fresh house in winter than a house plant to supply oxygen and brighten your mood.

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