How Much Should You Tip Your Cleaner?

Should you tip your professional cleaning service, and if you do, how much should you tip?

About once a week I am asked, “How much should I tip my cleaning team?”

The question is no different in Massachusetts than in other parts of the country

The answer is really not that different either.

First, our belief is that we treat our employees fairly. That means that they get paid holidays, paid time off, paid training, and are paid hourly (rather than by the house). As business owners we take our responsibilities to our employees seriously. One of our key measures is employee tenure – a long, stable group of employees who like working together is far preferable than the opposite.

Secondly, tips are never expected. But, they are always appreciated. The surprise of customer generosity always goes over well with our teams; they clearly understand that it’s because of their excellent performance in completing a job.

Lastly, when it comes to ranges, some customers give snacks such as something they’ve baked to large monetary gifts. I’ve seen up to $50-100 given after projects and $400 given during the holidays. Each situation is different; one should never be expected to tip.

One of the best tips is to have the service back for future cleanings. Our cleaning teams in Massachusetts truly enjoy the relationships that they have with customers. They understand that the quality of their efforts creates their future work efforts.