Holiday Cleaning Tips

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, least of all during the holidays. Why stress about holiday cleaning when the important things lie within spending time with family and friends? This holiday season, it’s time to stress less about the mess and get down and dirty with some helpful holiday cleaning tips. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have these holiday cleaning tips down to a science and you will never fret over hosting again. The following article from Breeze Concierge has some great holiday cleaning tips that will leave you beyond thankful.

If holiday cleaning has you down, these tips for getting your home sparkling clean can help you get your house in tip-top shape in time for those family parties and neighborhood get togethers. Holiday cleaning can be very time consuming during an already busy and sometimes stressful season. Learning a few time-saving cleaning tips and tricks is a welcome gift for any busy family or individual.

Holiday Cleaning Tips

1. How to Clean Christmas Tree Sap and Needles. Bringing home a live Christmas tree can make your home smell wonderful, but it also leaves behind a sticky trail of pine tree sap and discarded pine needles. Sweeping up pine needles with your vacuum can ruin your sweeper, and cleaning up sap leaves your hands with a sticky, dirty residue that is nearly impossible to remove. For pine sap, try cleaning your floors and hands with a slightly damp towel with a few drops of olive oil. If you don’t have olive oil available, try using baby oil, Vaseline, or WD-40. Instead of sweeping up loose pine needles with a vacuum or broom, try looping a large piece of duct tape or masking tape over your hand. You can either wear light gloves to protect your hands from the needles or cover your entire hand with looped tape. Dab the needles from your floors and carpet with the tape and discard directly in the trash. You may need to wipe up any remaining residue with a little olive oil to remove any sticky spots.

2. How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Odors. All those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner foods and leftovers can leave your fridge a little less than fresh. To prevent smelly odors in advance, try lining your crisper drawers with newspaper and place a new box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda (open) in fridge and freezer. Make sure all foods are sealed or covered, and put a washcloth under the turkey while it defrosts in the fridge to make clean up easier and prevent smells.

3. How to Freshen Linens Without Rewashing. If unexpected overnight company has you scrambling for fresh-smelling linens, you don’t have to rewash them and distract your guests until the laundry cycle is done to ensure a fresh smelling guest room. Try placing a dryer sheet between rarely used linens and use an open box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to absorb stale odors. In a pinch, you can toss clean (but stale) linens in the dryer for five minutes with a washcloth moistened with your favorite fabric softener. The heat allows the fabric softener to penetrate the fibers of the linens faster and gives a short-term boost in freshness.

4. How to Clean Toilets Without Scrubbing. In a hurry to get ready for guests and your toilets are less than sparkling? Try dropping a denture cleaning tablet into the bowl and one in the water tank to remove stains and give the bowl a hands-off cleaning.

5. How to Clean Up Quickly After Holiday Decorating. If you’re making holiday crafts or simply stringing garland and glitter bulbs, you may find you’re left with a horrendous mess after the decorating frenzy is over. Attempting to vacuum glitter usual ends up in dispersing it throughout the room, and those little flecks of garland can be dangerous for pets who like to nibble things left on the floor. To quickly and easily clean up after decorating, try running a lint roller over your carpets, furniture, and floors to pick up stray glitter and garland. Peel off the used roller sheets often and keep a small trash bag handy to keep particles from dropping off on your way to the trashcan…

Whether you are preparing for holiday cleaning to get your house ready for guests, or thinking about holiday cleaning for after your celebrating is over, these holiday cleaning tips are sure to come in handy.  Also, don’t forget to share these holiday cleaning techniques with friends and family.

Don’t allow holiday cleaning to get you down. We’re here to help! For more helpful information about holiday cleaning tips, cleaning advice in general, or if you need a cleaning service to give you a hand after the holidays, please contact The Maids. We would be happy to assist you with all of your holiday cleaning needs and relieve you from the stress that comes with this time of year. Happy holiday cleaning!