Getting a Handle on Clutter

As soon as you see the word “clutter,” there's probably an area of your house that springs to mind. Maybe it's the closet where you shove everything out of sight or the one corner that stacked high and deep with things. Whatever that area is, there's a way to jump in with both feet and get that clutter under control. 

We'll get you started, and when you're done, call maid services to make your freshly decluttered home clean and healthy!

Before you start tackling your mess, set a timer for 20-30 minutes, then take a 10 or 15 minute break. This will help you stay focused without getting overwhelmed.

Toss (or Give Away!) Often

The tendency is to hang on to things to which you're emotionally attached or you think might be worthwhile later. Unfortunately, this can lead to a big stack of clutter. As you go through your stack or pile, keep these two questions in mind:

  • Am I going to use this item in the next 2 weeks?

  • What is the emotional attachment I have to this item?

  • Do I need to keep this to keep that memory?

Remember that your memories are not solely tied to objects! Keep only the things that are useful to you or mean the most to you.

Group Like Items

Once the trash is gone and you start to sort, put like items together. It makes sense that items that are similar (how you choose to group them is up to you!) would go in the same place. The important thing is to make sure you develop a system that works for you and makes sense to you.

Everything at Home

Everything in your house needs its own home. Find an appropriate place for each item or group of items and establish that as its home. The real trick is to then get in the habit of putting things back in their home when you finish with this. Get your family involved, as well, encouraging them to put things away when they're through!