Are you prepared to protect your pets and your house from these flea pests? Flea prevention can be done easily and effectively. Prevent fleas from settling down in your house; do not need to resort to toxic chemicals. Before you know it, the April showers will be raining down upon us and soon enough, flea season will be here. Are you prepared to protect your pets and your house from these flea pests? You can easily and effectively use a natural prevention method to keep this pest out of your house. Prevent fleas from settling down in your house. You do not need to resort to toxic chemicals.

There are many natural methods and home remedies, which can be used to combat a flea infestation. Start your flea prevention crusade the natural way, by grooming your pet. Invest in a flea comb and comb your cat or dog’s coat on a daily basis. Also, bathe your pet consistently, using herbal shampoos. While grooming your pet, keep your eyes open for black specks. This may be a sign of fleas!

It is also important to remember that fleas will infest an entire household, not only your pet. Whether you want to take a proactive approach or you want to terminate the already laid flea eggs, make sure you wash your animal’s living space. Clean the cage, bed etc. and be sure to replace the vacuum bag right away.

Take a look at these natural flea control tips we found on Holistic Health News:

How to fight fleas the natural way:

• Vacuum your home frequently and seal vacuum bags before disposing.
• Wash the bedding of your dog weekly in warm soapy water. This is where fleas usually breed.
• Bathing your pet weekly with a mild dog shampoo prevents flea invasion.
• Use cedar shampoo for your dog, and put cedar oil in their sleeping mats. Cedar will repel fleas and other insects.
• Fleas are attracted to dry skin, so to avoid it, give your dog Linatone oil mixed with its food. Excessive shampooing should be avoided.
• A mixture of brewer’s yeast and garlic, available in powder or tablet form can be given in small doses to your pet. This creates a certain odor in pets, and fleas are surely to avoid them.
• Fresh or dried pennyroyal leaves is a natural flea repellent. Use this in carpets to avoid the abundance of fleas in the home. Do not use it if you have small children around, as this could be toxic.
• A mixture of 60 ml of lavender oil with 2.8 liters of rock salt can also be placed in areas where dogs usually come in contact with and this solution could also be used to wash your dog.
• Planting marigolds in the yard is helpful too, it repels certain types of bugs as well as fleas.
• Boiled lemon or orange peel in water can be used as a dip for dogs and can be used too to soak in dog bedding for a few hours, then washed with warm soapy water.
• Lukewarm water with little shampoo and detergent is a good way to prevent fleas. A dog’s body may be dipped into the solution for fifteen minutes and then rinsed. This only works if flea infestation is light.

So, before you resort to potent chemicals, take the natural path to flea prevention and control.  Natural methods are healthier and better for your family and your pets!

Although fleas are tiny, they are huge pests.  If you follow these tips, you can keep them from occupying your living space.