Easy DIY Decorating Projects

Whatever your space—home office, apartment, house, or dorm—you want it to look great. Of course, getting your space looking great seems to take an awful lot of money. Keep the price low but the style high by trying some of these easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects at home:

Paint a piece of furniture. Color is the fastest way to decorate, but painting a whole room can take time (and if you live in a rented space, you might not even be permitted to!). Get the effect without the effort by painting a couple of pieces of furniture like a dresser or nightstand.

Don’t be afraid to go bold, especially since the relative size of the pieces you’re painting will be on the smaller side. 

Make new pillow covers. Throw pillows with bright colors or patterns can liven up a space quickly, but buying new pillows each time you want to decorate gets expensive. Instead, make your own—it’s not complicated, and if you don’t like to sew, there are some great no-sew versions that will look just as good and are extremely easy to do.

Word art. For a simple, super-affordable art project, try this: pick up wooden word art at your local craft store (or make your own out of letters), paint them, and hang them on your wall. Add an empty vintage frame hanging around it to make it look like a complete piece of art—no one will know it only took you a few dollars and a day to make!