Boost Your Cleaning Efforts with New Moulding and Trim

You may be wondering how moulding and trim impacts your housekeeping efforts. It’s actually quite simple. Moulding can be difficult to clean when damaged, scuffed, scratched, or missing. Cleaning may make a room look nice, but the moulding can take away from all your efforts if it looks bad. Just like a rusted car with a clean interior, it does have an overall impact. If you agree and this situation applies to you, it may very well be time to upgrade your interior moulding.

Moulding is also known as molding without a “u” in it. Aside from that, it can also be called trim. This will help when shopping around so you know what is what.

When it comes to moulding, there are several details you should know about—if you don’t already. This information will make shopping around easier and will help you find the best matches for your rooms.

Moulding is made of several different materials. This includes oak, poplar, pine, polymer, polyurethane, MDF (medium density fiber), vinyl, etc. The list can go on and on. Oak adds strength and stability, but costs more than pine or poplar. Polymer moulding and polyurethane moulding clean easier, but are more expensive.  MDF moulding is like wood, except it is made of fine fibers. This type may also clean easy if it has a smooth surface.

Aside from materials, finishes are important. You can usually find moulding that is pre-finished with paint, stain, or a laminated design. You also have the option of purchasing trim that is primed and ready to paint or choose an unfinished moulding that you can paint or stain.

The last detail that is of the most importance is design. Moulding can carry one of many different designs and are developed from routing the edges, engraving in the designs, or even placing the laminated surface over it as previously mentioned. The most affordable moulding is almost flat, but has a slight inward curve towards the top.

With the understanding of materials, finishes, and design capabilities, you can be well on your way to getting the perfect match for your rooms…and enjoy the positive impact it has on your housekeeping efforts.