A Few Tips For Great Entertaining

When it comes to entertaining, you want it to be as fuss-free and fun as possible, but you also want it to be perfect. Combining those two things is not as difficult as you might think, it just requires a little bit of planning and a few creative ideas.

Before you plan your next party, keep some of these things in mind:

Candles can go a long way. If you want something simple and elegant but still attention-getting, candles are the way to go. Set out tea lights on every safe surface you can find. Right before the first guest arrives, light them all.

They’re an easy, affordable, and fast way to add instant mood!

Generate conversation. It’s okay to be a little sneaky if it means you get your guests talking with each other. Rather than setting out hors d’oureves, pass them around on plates and bowls. They will ultimately end up on a table somewhere, but not before several hands have held them and several guests have said hello.

Prepare in advance. Whatever you can in the days leading up to the event, get out of the way. The day you plan on having guests is going to be busy enough, so don’t save your cleaning and decorating for the last days.

Hire a maid service that does same day or event cleaning to help out with getting your house pristine for visitors. Decorate the day before, including name cards if you’re making them, and preparing your tablecloths and centerpieces.

The more you can do in advance, the easier party day will be, and you shouldn’t forget to have fun at your own event!