Cleaning Services Framingham, MA

The Best Clean in Framingham

Cleaning services Framingham, MAFrom Callahan State Park to The Triangle, there’s nobody in Framingham who provides a better clean than The Maids. Our four-person teams are continuously trained and retrained to ensure that they clean every surface and that their technique is at its best.

We don’t just go through the motions, either. Our maids come to clean – we mean really clean. You are not going to get a team of simple mop-pushers. At every visit, our maids scrub, polish, and disinfect all the surfaces in your home, whether you use them or not!

To perfect the cleaning process, our maids use the best environmentally safe products available and couple them with that time-tested ingredient your grandmother loved: elbow grease.

Search if you want, but you won’t find a better clean.

We Have the Services That Suit You

Your home is uniquely yours. What your neighbors require to keep their home looking tidy may be different than what you need to do the same for yours. Our extensive list of services is designed to leave no stone unturned.

Among our most popular services are:

  • Regularly-scheduled maid services
  • Whole house window cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Oven and/or grill duty
  • Cabinet cleaning and organization
  • New home deep cleaning
  • Tile floor revitalization

Take comfort in knowing that whatever services you need, they will be performed with focus and attention to detail. Perhaps nothing emphasizes that commitment better than our 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System. It lays out the careful process we use to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your home.

Best of all, it’s a standard component of our regular housekeeping services!

Best of Both Worlds

As a locally-owned, national franchise The Maids of Framingham can offer you the perfect combination of big and small.

Our local owners and employees know and love Framingham, MA. Our paychecks go back into the local economy and our dedication to you is born out of our commitment to our friends and neighbors.

On the other hand, our national base provides us access to national resources. What that means for you is extensive background checks on all of our housekeepers, bonding, and third-party liability insurance that exceeds that legal minimum.

The Maids of Framingham offer maid and housekeeping services that cannot be beat. If you want reliable, thorough cleaning at a fair price, you need to give us a call.